A view of Mykonos.


An islands that enchants the visitor with its steep rocky mountains full of wild flowers that give way to the golden sandy beaches, combined with the beautiful cycladic color along with its magical warm and welcoming feeling.

Mykonos is also known for its breath taking views,amazing sunsets and sparkling waters, which lead to the endless relation of our glorious past.

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A picture of our shop in Agia Anna, Mykonos.

D.S. Gold

At D.S. Gold you can experience all the pleasures of fine jewelry. Enjoy the confidence of wearing high quality jewelry without the exorbitant prices.

For over a decade we have been and still are a family based business. Our jewelry is designed and created in our own factory. We provide our customers with the highest quality of selected jewels recovered by a team of specialists around the world. We offer the education and guidance that's needed. Our knowledge and expertise provide the extra edge in making sure that our reprodctions are the finest available.

On the contrary, we focus on the details and go the extra mile to insure 100% satisfactory of our customers.

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